Air-Cooling Hot-Face Pelletizing Line

Air-Cooling Hot-Face Pelletizing Line

Air-cooling hot-face pelletizing line is designed for any pelletizing process of some polymers, including PVC, LLDPE, masterbatch, highly filled calcium carbonate masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, carbon black masterbatch, and so on. This pelletizing device could avoid the moisture involved during pelletization process with air cooling replacement. Main components of air-cooling hot-face pelletizing line commonly include metering feeder, twin screw extruder, air-cooling hot face pelletizer, blower, cyclone, vibrating sieve and electric control panel. This pelletizing device adopts the stainless steel and chrome plating process, pneumatic, imported material tool to ensure that it cuts neatly. In addition to this air-cooling hot-face pelletizing line, Lantytk® also provides water-cooling strand pelletizing line and underwater pelletizer.

Main Features of This Pelletizing Device:
1. The design of air duct reduces the adhesion between pellets.
2. The design of flow channel is simple and efficient.
3. Lantytk® air-cooling hot-face pelletizing line features low energy consumption.
4. The honeycomb-like pelletizing sieve can withstand a back pressure of 250 bars.
5. This pelletizing device is easy to operate and maintain.

Application of Air-Cooling Hot-Face Pelletizing Line:
Filling Masterbatch: PE, EVA+CaCO3, Talc, TiO2, Carbon black
Degradable Masterbatch: PE, PS plus Starch, Additives
Anti-flame Masterbatch: PE, EVA plus Antimony Trioxide, Mg(OH)2, AL(OH)3

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of air-cooling hot-face pelletizing lines in China. In addition to this pelletizing device, we also specialize in producing twin screw extruder, screw feeder, electronic control system, some auxiliary equipment, and so on. With reliable quality control system, our products have passed CE and ISO9000 certification. They are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries.

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