1. Applications of the SPJ Series Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
This type of twin screw extrusion machine is often used for compounding of all kinds of fiber-glassed fire-resistant engineering plastics, special master-batch of anti-virus season-proof insulation deposition, rubber-plastic compounding, dyeing of plastics, material-processing for deposited film, multi-function anti-fog film, special material for auto car, house-electric special materials, material of cable of telecom and power, TPR warm-plastics, compounding of PVC air-proof warm-plastic adhesive-plaster for alteration, etc.

2. Plastic Alloy
Typical Products: PC plus ABS, PA plus ABS, CPE plus ABS, PP plus EPDM, PA plus EPDM, PP plus SBS

3. Compounding Rubber and Plastic
Typical Products: PP, PE, PS plus SBS, PP, PA +EPDM, PP plusNBR, EVA plus Silastic, TPR

4. Plastic Staining
Typical Products: PE, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PBT, PET plus Coloring Agent

5. Fiber Reinforce
Typical Products: PP, ABS, EVA, PBT, PA6, PA66, PPS, POM plus Long Fiber, Flocks, Carbon Fiber, Metal Fiber

6. Master-Batch
1) High-Ratio Filling Master Batch
2) General Class Filling: CaCO3, talcum power or TiO2 can be applied for filling. The highest filling ratio is 89%. We can also ensure they can be dispersed very well. Typical products are PP, PE + CaCO3, Mg(OH)2, magnetic, Al(OH)3, red phosphorus, Sb2O3 and flame retardant. P, PE + CaCO3, talcum power, TiO2, carbon black, ABS, PC, PS + Al(OH)3, PP, PA, ABS + magnetism, ceramic power, metal power and carbon black master batch processed by our machine can be used to produce film. Antibiotic and weather-resisting master batch can produce PE + antifog agent and stabilizing agent.
3) Carbon Black Master Batch
If you process carbon black master batch with traditional method, the carbon black will not be dispersed adequately and the carbon black will make the fusion of the plastic very difficult. Adopting Lantytk® technology, all these will be avoided and you can reduce the dosage of the wax. 
Typical Process: PE, EVA, ABS + Carbon Black
Typical Products: Carbon Black Master Batch for Producing Film and Master Batch for Producing Fiber
4) Degradable Master Batch: PE, PP, PS + Amylum (about 80%) + Blending Agent, Light Organism Couple Degradable Master-Batch
5) Flame Retardant Master Batch: PP, ABS, AS, PBT, PA, PA66, PPS, POM, PVC + Flame Retardant Agent + Assistant Agent
6) Anti-Fog Master Batch
Typical Products: Master Batch for Producing Agricultural Film, PE + Anti-Fog Agent and Stabilizing Agent. We can ensure proper feeding when you process anti-fog master batch and avoid the resin from spilling from the air vent.

7. Special Material for Automobiles
Typical Products: PP, ABS, PS, PBT, PET + Fillings and Flame Retardant. They can be used to produce collision bumper gauge board and steering-wheel.
Special Material for Domestic Electric Appliance
Typical Products: ABS, PP Use for Television and Icebox

8. Thermoplastic Elastomer
Modification of TPR, TPU and EVA  

9. Cross-linking material system can produce PE crossing-linking cable.
10. Extruding and Pelletizing of Thermoset  
Typical Process: Compounding and Extruding of Phenolics, Epoxy Plastic and Powder Coating.

11. Modification and Pelletizing of Thermoplastic Elastomer
If the hardness of the SBS is below PBA50, we can use die face pelletizing method and can get a good effectiveness. Our machine can compound solid and liquid very well. Our system can produce TPR sole material and icebox seal.

12. Thermally Sensitive and Shearing Sensitive Material 
For resins, at first users should compound them in the twin screw extruder, discharge them without pressure, then add them into a single screw extruder. In the single screw, the material’s pressure will be added softly and then the material will be extruded from the single screw extruder.
Typical Products: PVC, XLPE Cable Material, TPE and NBR

13. Pelletizing for PO (Polyolefin)
We can provide an integral manufacturing line that can process ten thousand ton PO a year. Cable and cable jacket material, insulating material can accomplish the reaction of cross-linking with superoxide or silicane. Our machine can extrude and pelletize cable jacket materials.
Typical Products: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PP Insulating Material and Cable Jacket Material.

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