Electronic Control System

  • Programmable Computer Controller
  • Programmable Computer ControllerProgrammable computer controller is also called PCC. Different from PLC (Program Logic Controller), this electronic controller is a new generation computer controller that can be programmable. It represents the developing trend of modern industrial control technology. Integrating the advantages of PLC, IPC and mainframe computer, PCC provides a high level controlling...

Electronic control system focuses reliability and stability from design and development to component selection, wiring, and installation and commissioning. This electrically controlled system adopts leading electronic control technology together with the world-class quality imported control components. Lantytk® Corp has reached the highest level of the electronic control system in domestic industry, wherever from design, appearance to quality. This electrically controlled system adopts imported PLC (OMRON or SIMENS) to achieve optimized process control. Operation interface on touching screen is visual, which is brief and easy to use. It features stronger function, steady performance and much higher accuracy. Our electronic control system can also accomplish full-set link-lock protection, trouble safeguard, fault alarm and so on. The typical system is programmable computer controller.

Advantages of Lantytk® Electrically Controlled System:
1. Lantytk® totally adopts foreign well-known electrical components, which can ensure good quality, high control precision and long usage life. Users can operate the electronic control system stably.
2. Lantytk® is the only company using Australia UTILUX terminal board in the domestic industry.
3. All electrical wirings of this electrically controlled system adopt imported terminals of cold compression and cable marker.
4. Buttons, guiding lights and buzzers are CE and UL certified coming from Taiwan.
5. The electronic control system uses French Merlin Gerin electrical protections that are entitled as “The World Electric Protection Expert”.
6. The wiring between equipment and electrical control cabinet exclusively adopts aviation connector mode, which makes it simple to operate.
7. Exclusively adopting SSR control mode, solenoid valve of this electrically controlled system is more sensitive and accurate.
8. The electronic control system’s heating control loop is from the US CRYDOM, ensuring the temperature control accuracy below or above 1 ℃.
9. This electrically controlled system strictly follows the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard.
10. All relay control solenoid valves adopt French TE, Japanese FUJI and IDEC technology products.
11. The electronic control system automatically displays various process parameters of the dynamic trend of the curve and the historical trend curve. According to the material formulation, it can automatically set feeding quantity, calculate daily or monthly production, and present data.
12. This electrically controlled system’s installation wiring quality is accepted by Germany HELLAKG experts on the first try.