1.    Develop co-rotating twin screw compounding extruders.
2.    Research and develop various pelletizing lines.
3.    Provide a whole line including batching system, extruder, pelletizer, etc.
4.    Develop special extruders for processing thermosetting plastics.
5.    Develop double shaft continuum compounding extruder.
6.    Supply tests for plastic recipe, screw configuration and equipment selection.
7.    Research and develop special twin screw extruders.
8.    Carry out continuous evaporation, concentration, reaction and drying tests for special polymers liquids, colloids and wet powder (volatile is up to 80% or more).
9.    Detect, analyze, test and improve various polymer materials.
10.   Undertake all kinds of plastics machinery mapping and provide spare parts for national major research and development projects.
11.   Lantytk® has strong research and development technical strength. Our company possesses rubber and plastics machinery, chemical machinery, machinery manufacturing, instrument control, computer application, polymer material, metal material and heat treatment technology advantage and talent advantage. It is approved as the technical support unit of co-rotating twin screw extruder by the ministry of science and technology.
12.   Lantytk® owns comprehensive design capability and advanced research design method. With the help of computer-aided design system, we can provide various types of products widely used in many industries.

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