Twin Screw Feeder

Twin Screw Feeder

Twin screw feeder is designed to provide accurate volumetric feeding for a wide variety of materials including pigment, sticky, bridging or flooding powders, fiber, flake, fiberglass, and so on. Twin screw volumetric feeder is also applicable where powder or material to be fed is lumpy, sticky, moist, or bridge building materials. Twin screw feeder is easily disassembled for cleaning or changing. The special design of the feeding bowl is unique and employs a horizontal agitator to improve material filling. The feeding bowl design of this twin screw volumetric feeder allows material to flow evenly from all directions into the screw, effectively avoids material build-up and makes feeding more accurate. We also offer vertical agitator for poor-flowing powders. Twin screw feeders are used in many industries like construction, food, beverage and many others.

Technical Parameters of Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder:

Model T28 T38 T46
Capacity 15 to 500 L/hr 60 to 1600 L/hr 300 to 4000 L/hr
Application All Kinds of Powders, Fiber, Film Scraps, etc
Asymmetrical Hopper 40L/80L 80L/120L/150L 80L/120L/150L
Symmetrical Hopper 10L/40L/80L/120L 80L/120L/180L 120L/180L/300L

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of twin screw volumetric feeders in China. In addition to this twin screw feeders, we also specialize in producing twin screw extruder, granulator, electronic control system, some auxiliary equipment, and so on. With reliable quality control system, our products have passed CE and ISO9000 certification. They are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries.

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