STJ Series Two-Stage Compounding Extruder


STJ series two-stage compounding extruder consists of two processing stages. The first stage is a SHJ twin-screw compounding extruder without die head. Through the combination of barrel and screw, two stage extruder can exert its strong ability to make the thermo sensibility material (like PVC) melting, compounding, disturbing and decentralizing. The second stage is SD single screw extruder for heat-sensitive material pelletizing. Due to its lower rotating speed, two-stage compounding extruder excels in high-effective pelletizing, compounding and dispersion. The twin screw extruder is advanced in high-pressure extrusion with lower speed and lower temperature. This kind of two stage extruder possesses advantages of simple production technological process, high output, stable quality and low cost.

STJ series two-stage compounding extruders are special devices equipped with different kinds of molds and auxiliary machines. This two stage extruder is widely applied to various thermo-sensitive materials, dehydration and volatilization work, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene), halogen-free cable, shield material, high concentration carbon black master batch, rubber dehydrating, and so on.

Technical Parameters of STJ Series Two-Stage Compounding Extruder:

Type Screw
Diameter (mm)
L/D Ratio
Screw Speed
Main Motor
Power (Kw)
STJ-50/100 Double 49.2 20~48 300/500 37/55 100~300
Single 100 7~16 70/90 18.5/22 100~300
STJ-60/120 Double 59.8 20~48 300/500 45/75 200~400
Single 120 7~16 70/90 37/45 200~400
STJ-75/150 Double 72.3 20~48 300/500 75/110 300~600
Single 150 7~16 70/90 45/75 300~600
STJ-80/180 Double 80 20~48 400/600 160/250 400~1000
Single 180 7~16 70/90 55/90 400~1000
STJ-92/200 Double 90 20~48 300/500 220/315 700~1300
Single 200 7~16 70/90 75/110 700~1300
STJ-112/250 Double 108 32~48 300/500 450/750 1100~3000
Single 250 7~16 70/90 132/160 1100~3000
STJ-132/280 Double 132 20~48 300/500 600/1000 1500~4500
Single 280 7~16 70/90 200/250 1500~4500

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer and supplier of two stage extruders in China. We have been researching and developing twin screw extruders for more than 50 years. In addition to this two-stage compounding extruder, we also provide screw feeder, granulator, electronic control system, some auxiliary equipment, and so on. With reliable quality control system, our products have passed CE and ISO9000 certification. They are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries.

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